Friday, November 14, 2014

My Visual Poem

My visual poem is about my life and the fun in it. All of my friends and I are in it and it shows candid shots of us having the time of our lives with no worries and always being positive, you'll notice in the video that we are laughing and smiling.The visual help express my poem because it gives it life and a story.


  1. good audio
    cover the end
    and good broll

  2. I love the backround noises, they're really cool
    The music being a bit louder would have been awesome
    Your actual poem was AWESOME

  3. Really nice transition from the jump!
    I think that the beach shot was too loud.
    Really Nice B-roll and nice purpose in all!

  4. I like the B-rolls!
    One thing that could be better nothing
    I really like your B-roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The b-roll was mighty impressive
    At the end, it showed a small bit of the chair, no b-roll
    The shot of you jumping into the water, then transforming into that skating shot.

  6. good lyrics
    needs a better background sound
    good visuals

  7. Compliment: I liked your B-Roll and the actual shots of your family going on adventures and stuff
    Criticism: Nothing, it was great.
    Compliment: I really liked your poem and the music that you put with it.

  8. Your poem was great! Your poetry was awesome!
    You might have wanted a steadier hand for some of the shots.
    I love how the effects you added in helped it and it didn't take away from the theme by having an excess amount of it.

  9. Compliment:The b-roll was really unique (plus the underwater scene!)
    Area of Improvement:I got nothing
    Compliment:IT made me want to do something totally awesome and dangerous!

  10. really cool shots, could have text layovers, were is that skate spot?

  11. Whoa great action shots! You couldve turned the background sounds down a little they were a tiny bit distracting. I loved your transition from the shot when the camera was in the water!

  12. Great B-roll
    Louder Music
    Awesome Intersting shots

  13. I really like how you got a video in the water.
    I think one thing that could be better is the part at the very end.
    I also like all of your b-roll.

  14. good audio
    heard some backround noise unless that was part of it
    good b-roll

  15. like the shots
    lots of camera movement
    overall great job

  16. Has good shots with the go pro and action of the events fit the story
    It shows your a-roll at the end

  17. Compliment: I liked your visuals. They were clear and they matched with your audio.
    Criticism: I think it was great. No comment
    Compliment: I liked your poem. You described everything really well.

  18. WOW!!! Really Good B-Roll !!! Great Action!
    The audio when the person was surfing was to loud.
    I wish I did that every day!

  19. I like the shot of you jumping off the pier
    The shot of someone surfing was a bit loud.
    I like the shot of you ziplining.

  20. I loved the shots of going down the zip-line! The shot of the skateboard is really shaky. I really like the shot of going under the water I think you should have held that shot a little longer.

  21. Love the shots of the zip-line and Hanalei Pier. Could have stabilized some shots so they weren't shaky. Love the idea of the poem.

  22. I like all the different b-roll shots.
    You could have leveled the audio.
    I also like the lyrics of the poem.

  23. Your visuals of adventure were great
    Little clip of recording at end
    Nice natural sound

  24. I like the GoPro shots you had in there!! Really awesome!
    In the end there was a part you could've covered with b-Roll
    Awesome poem!!