Friday, October 2, 2015

My Humorous Monologue

HernandezD_Comedy from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

This comedy monologue project I learned a lot one main thing I took away from the project is being more focused and get things done when there were supposed to. I learned that I need to pay more attention to the times and dead lines if I started this earlier I could have gotten more detailed and quality shots.

One of the most Important things when filming something is pad. Pad is when you press record and don't actually start filming what you need until 3 seconds of pad. Pad is very important to have because when using clips that you need to edit if they start right away it will cut off what you didn't want to be cut off and it could ruin your video.

Ways I could have improved were that I should have started the project earlier, if I had done this I could have filmed more quality shots. I also could have put more B-roll shots.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Comedy Writing

A sense of humor  is a very important trait to have because people are almost always making jokes, puns, and references to things that are comedic and a sense of humor is important is those situations because Laughing is a good time,  it brings everyone together and it also healthy for you. I mean who does like to laugh. Plus if you don't have a sense of humor then you don't laugh and people think your always grumpy and boring person.

5 great tips for writing a humerus narrative are 1, Make it about something thats common something that everyone knows about, 2 Get to the point fast or else your audience will get bored and you will start losing them, 3 Be specific, I f your talking about a car in your joke don't just day car say a Toyota Truck instead its proven that its seems to be funnier when you are specific, 4 Don't Be afraid to embarrass yourself laugh at yourself And finally Use your voice as a tool , Your voice and expression makes or breaks your Joke sound enthusiastic take us thru the story make us feel like we were there.

My Comedic monologue is about An ant Named Terry that was A very good ant and did everything at his best at everything and he was a very special ant and the joke goes on and talks about every grade that he was in and how good he did and at the end he ends up having a wife and a daughter and there walking thru a park on a hot day and his daughter gets a headache from dehydration and they get in a refreshments line and people let him cut in line and then the joke ends by him realizing there was no punchline. Its funny because you go threw a really long joke explaining something and the irony is that there was nothing funny so thats what makes it funny.

C: Explain your comedic monologue & why it’s funny.

Visuals: One 5 Shot Laughing PhotoBooth .GIF

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Motivational Poster

For This motivational poster That we are doing in our G.T class we Have certain requirements we have to follow.Those requirements are we have to have 4 Total Images 3 of those images have to be symbolic images that represent who you are and 1 portrait image of your face, we have to put
2 Text Layers, 1 of your manifesto and 1 of your personal quotes. All text should be KERNED to fit across the entire page with no holes or blank space, Triadic Color Scheme - one dominant and two harmonious accent colors Blending Options for Text Layers (drop shadow, stroke, outer glow, bevel & emboss) Adjustment Layers for Images: Levels, Curves, Exposure, Color Balance. These are all the strategic requirements you have to follow.

First I took my manifesto and quotes and put them in photoshop and kerned them , second I put all my photos in the photoshop document then Placed my photos in specific spots after that, I started to put my color balance that I got from the triadic color wheel and edited it on my photos, Once I did all this I finalized it.

The biggest problem I had was getting these things done on time. I was also having a lot of trouble with these requirements. I could have done a lot better on this project for one I could have came in at recess and got done faster, and I could have double checked the requirements.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Personal Manifesto

Hey, its me Diego Im back and blogging for this new school year. Some interesting and unique facts I am 75% Mexican and I have a lot of Mexican traditions that my family and I follow,  I Have flown a plane before, This is my second year in G.T and I can't wait to have a great year this year.

My 2015-2016 personal manifesto is Live everyday like its your last, Wake up early, Wake up to my alarm no snooze, Surf everyday, Think before I make a decision, Read at least 10 book this year, get all work done on time with quality best to my ability, get chores done when they are done. Ive picked these because they are all things I have to get use to doing.

My Manifesto relates to all of my readers because everyone should be able to want to do one of these things at least, I think the most common one everyone would chose is the "No snoozing the alarm", because I know everyone snoozes there alarm at least once in the morning. That relates to all of you because you just got to get up and start you day , you know what they say "you snooze you loose".

Friday, May 29, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

My team includes chazz and oriia, They are my really good friends so when we heard about this music video project and how we could choose our own teams we automatically looked at each other. In our music video the song we are doing is Eye Of The Tiger, in the video I am the main character and I am trying to complete a goal and Oriia and Chazz are there to help me through it all. Oriia is my coach and chazz is my partner in training. Our main editors are oriia and I, and chazz is in charge of our album art.

I think our audience will enjoy all of our action shots and quick cuts because it keeps you on the edge of your seat at keeps you entertained. Like in one of the scenes Im training with oriia and doing intense combos. I think the audience will love this, because who doesn't like a little action to keep them on there toes when there watching something? This is probably what makes our MV project different and unique from everbody else's.

We have a lot of transitions and effects in our video. We also have a lot of different and really creative shots. We put a lot of work, time and thought in this project. Im very proud of all the work that I put into this project and cant wait to make more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Our Animation Story

Our focus statement is "Logan challenges schedule", and it tells his story because when it was his first day of middle school he was scared and didn't know how it was going to go. His biggest problem was figuring out the daily schedule and how it worked, because it was like he was getting punched in the face with schedules new teachers and a new school.

The lesson that I hope my audience learned is that you can get thru anything if you set your mind to it, because no matter how confusing, how difficult and how scared you are you can get thru anything. The way that you saw this in our story is that when Logan said " This schedule is like a monster it showed that he was really nervous and confused about it.

Starting off with our best moments were when we finished an animation, we had put our heads together and accomplished something, it felt really good whenever we got and animation or stop motion done. Our worst moments were when we where caught by the deadline and we didnt have all our scenes done we made ourselves really stressed out, and we didnt know how we were gonna finish. But overall I think we did really good and it was quality of course theres alot of room for improvement but it was still really good.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Animation Outtakes

My team includes Nahele Keale, Logan Noble and Neliza Iannuzzi two interesting facts about Nahele are that she was in this class last year and she's very good at working, Neliza is very good at listening to directions and paying attention and logans very good at drawing and a very creative editor.

lets say I want to make someone appear like there walking in an interesting way but I want to use pictures this is what you use Stop Motion animation for. First you would take a picture of a person lets say standing, so you'll take the photo than they take a step and you take another picture than they take another step then you'll take another picture, so on and so forth. Once your done taking all the photos you will import them into you Imovie or photoshop then you put them in order and make the frames per second 0.1 then it will make the person look as if there walking in a creative interesting fashion. A Gif is the same thing but instead of a continuous animation story it's a short animation and you make it into a sort of like a photo file.

Our story is about logan and how he was afraid of school on his first day of middle school. He was having trouble understanding how the schedule worked , and how fast pace and independent you have to be. In the end he got the hang of it and he was happy to be there. You should care because it relates to you. Im sure you've had to do something for a first time and you were scared, so this story helps you see the light and know that you can get thru it.