Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Movie Trailer Critique

My teams movie trailer is about a girls who is trapped behind a mask and she's afraid to tell people who she really is, its called "Masked". My teammates are, Kyler Arruda-SukehiraDylan Niide, and Loren Weiner. Dylan was our main editor, Loren was our writer, Kyler was one of the actors           and I was Camera. I contributed to our trailer by giving a lot suggestions to the editor and help choose music for the trailer and lots of last minute filming to get our project perfect.

The first expectation was it had to be appropriate for an audience of 2nd graders, it had to be creative  , had to have foley and dialogue, Had to be between 1 minute and 2 minutes ,  and had to have text layovers. We completed all the requirements because we were looking at them and reading them as we were making the trailer. As we were finishing up the project we were making sure that we had every requirement done. I think that since we had all the requirments done it ended up being what mr. Sanderl was looking for.

The class critique was in our favor. We were voted best overall Movie Trailer. We got above and beyond for if it was inappropriate for the audience, We got another above and beyond for creativity and a above and beyond for for the requirements. I agree with their critique because we worked very hard for very long to make it the best it could be. I am very happy they saw that it was very good. I learned what makes a good trailer and how to put people on edge so they'll watch your movie. Also I learned how to minimize clips to fit in a smaller area. I also learned that moives are very hard to film, Its not all one take low quality shots they are shots that are taken over and over again to make the movie as best as it could possibly be.  I am looking forward to doing more projects like this.