Friday, May 29, 2015

Music Videos Rock!

My team includes chazz and oriia, They are my really good friends so when we heard about this music video project and how we could choose our own teams we automatically looked at each other. In our music video the song we are doing is Eye Of The Tiger, in the video I am the main character and I am trying to complete a goal and Oriia and Chazz are there to help me through it all. Oriia is my coach and chazz is my partner in training. Our main editors are oriia and I, and chazz is in charge of our album art.

I think our audience will enjoy all of our action shots and quick cuts because it keeps you on the edge of your seat at keeps you entertained. Like in one of the scenes Im training with oriia and doing intense combos. I think the audience will love this, because who doesn't like a little action to keep them on there toes when there watching something? This is probably what makes our MV project different and unique from everbody else's.

We have a lot of transitions and effects in our video. We also have a lot of different and really creative shots. We put a lot of work, time and thought in this project. Im very proud of all the work that I put into this project and cant wait to make more.

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