Monday, August 24, 2015

Personal Manifesto

Hey, its me Diego Im back and blogging for this new school year. Some interesting and unique facts I am 75% Mexican and I have a lot of Mexican traditions that my family and I follow,  I Have flown a plane before, This is my second year in G.T and I can't wait to have a great year this year.

My 2015-2016 personal manifesto is Live everyday like its your last, Wake up early, Wake up to my alarm no snooze, Surf everyday, Think before I make a decision, Read at least 10 book this year, get all work done on time with quality best to my ability, get chores done when they are done. Ive picked these because they are all things I have to get use to doing.

My Manifesto relates to all of my readers because everyone should be able to want to do one of these things at least, I think the most common one everyone would chose is the "No snoozing the alarm", because I know everyone snoozes there alarm at least once in the morning. That relates to all of you because you just got to get up and start you day , you know what they say "you snooze you loose".

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