Friday, September 18, 2015

Comedy Writing

A sense of humor  is a very important trait to have because people are almost always making jokes, puns, and references to things that are comedic and a sense of humor is important is those situations because Laughing is a good time,  it brings everyone together and it also healthy for you. I mean who does like to laugh. Plus if you don't have a sense of humor then you don't laugh and people think your always grumpy and boring person.

5 great tips for writing a humerus narrative are 1, Make it about something thats common something that everyone knows about, 2 Get to the point fast or else your audience will get bored and you will start losing them, 3 Be specific, I f your talking about a car in your joke don't just day car say a Toyota Truck instead its proven that its seems to be funnier when you are specific, 4 Don't Be afraid to embarrass yourself laugh at yourself And finally Use your voice as a tool , Your voice and expression makes or breaks your Joke sound enthusiastic take us thru the story make us feel like we were there.

My Comedic monologue is about An ant Named Terry that was A very good ant and did everything at his best at everything and he was a very special ant and the joke goes on and talks about every grade that he was in and how good he did and at the end he ends up having a wife and a daughter and there walking thru a park on a hot day and his daughter gets a headache from dehydration and they get in a refreshments line and people let him cut in line and then the joke ends by him realizing there was no punchline. Its funny because you go threw a really long joke explaining something and the irony is that there was nothing funny so thats what makes it funny.

C: Explain your comedic monologue & why it’s funny.

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