Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Animation Outtakes

My team includes Nahele Keale, Logan Noble and Neliza Iannuzzi two interesting facts about Nahele are that she was in this class last year and she's very good at working, Neliza is very good at listening to directions and paying attention and logans very good at drawing and a very creative editor.

lets say I want to make someone appear like there walking in an interesting way but I want to use pictures this is what you use Stop Motion animation for. First you would take a picture of a person lets say standing, so you'll take the photo than they take a step and you take another picture than they take another step then you'll take another picture, so on and so forth. Once your done taking all the photos you will import them into you Imovie or photoshop then you put them in order and make the frames per second 0.1 then it will make the person look as if there walking in a creative interesting fashion. A Gif is the same thing but instead of a continuous animation story it's a short animation and you make it into a sort of like a photo file.

Our story is about logan and how he was afraid of school on his first day of middle school. He was having trouble understanding how the schedule worked , and how fast pace and independent you have to be. In the end he got the hang of it and he was happy to be there. You should care because it relates to you. Im sure you've had to do something for a first time and you were scared, so this story helps you see the light and know that you can get thru it.

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