Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Motivational Poster

For This motivational poster That we are doing in our G.T class we Have certain requirements we have to follow.Those requirements are we have to have 4 Total Images 3 of those images have to be symbolic images that represent who you are and 1 portrait image of your face, we have to put
2 Text Layers, 1 of your manifesto and 1 of your personal quotes. All text should be KERNED to fit across the entire page with no holes or blank space, Triadic Color Scheme - one dominant and two harmonious accent colors Blending Options for Text Layers (drop shadow, stroke, outer glow, bevel & emboss) Adjustment Layers for Images: Levels, Curves, Exposure, Color Balance. These are all the strategic requirements you have to follow.

First I took my manifesto and quotes and put them in photoshop and kerned them , second I put all my photos in the photoshop document then Placed my photos in specific spots after that, I started to put my color balance that I got from the triadic color wheel and edited it on my photos, Once I did all this I finalized it.

The biggest problem I had was getting these things done on time. I was also having a lot of trouble with these requirements. I could have done a lot better on this project for one I could have came in at recess and got done faster, and I could have double checked the requirements.

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