Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back To School

Im back at school but its not elementary school, its middle School. One of my most favorite moments so far in the school year was getting to visit with old friends of mine, catch up with some of my friends, and meet new teachers and friends, everybody is very friendly and helpful.

I think that one of my hardest challenges will be to stay organized for all of my classes throughout the school year. In elementary we never had periods and the teachers told us what to do. The teachers still tell us what to do but they expect us to usually know and figure problems out with our own brains, also its more independent but I enjoy it.

What I will do to be successful this school year is to always write in my planner, get folders for each class , always ask questions and be participant in class. I will try my best to do these things. I am happy to be a student at KMS and very happy to start this school year.

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