Friday, September 12, 2014

HikiNo Behind the Scenes

Our Team is team 7 and we are doing a profile story on Mr. Frank an airbrush artist and a Home Economics teacher at Kapaa Middle School. I would say that our project is going well we have interviewed Mr. Frank and one of his students. We are working on transcribing the interviews and picking and choosing what we want in the final cut. But we have to start hustling and planning on what we are going to do.

What happens when the camera is not rolling is that we are disscussing and thinking about what would make this project better. We are meeting after school and always observing others to see how they do it so maybe they can show us how to do things that would make our project better. We are planning out B-roll as well. we are very happy with the progress we have made.

One thing that i can do to help my team is to listen to ideas because no idea is a bad idea. Also dont say im going to do something and not do it because thats not fair to my team. The way i can do this is to take on what i can handle and not what i can't.

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  1. Great blog! I especially like the background and mini games on the sidebar.