Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Experiment

This experiment was about photoshop. This assignment was in some ways difficult not just for me but also for Mr. Sanderl because it is not easy for him just to let his student just go and explore, also it was hard for me because i have never used photoshop before so it was really hard for me to get started. I think we did this expriment to see how much our minds would work to figure something out.  Also we could just do anything our imagination wanted us to do.

well what was oh so right about it was that i was trying to do a drawing and i ended up making something totally different and somehow it turned out to appear that it was 3D. I dont think anything was wrong about it because i knew that i didnt know about photoshop so i was just trying a bundle of different methods. But i really loved how it turned out.


  1. Nice job on the image it turned out great.

  2. nice job i love this post and your creativity.

  3. I love what you did in photoshop its creative and really pretty. I also like the colors you chose for your blog.