Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finished News story

Our story was about a teacher named Mr. Frank a Home Economics teachers also a very skilled artist. Mr. Frank is an airbrush artist. He is a very helpful and skilled man in our community and school. I am very thankful to all that cooperatively contributed to our video project, including Mr.frank for donating his time after school and bringing his equipment to school,  my mom and dad for coming to pick me up at school when i stayed after to edit and my teammates Chazz McConnell and Michael Gremse for always coming up with great ideas to make our project a success. I am very happy the way it turned out.

The final turned out to my expectations, I am also happy that my team worked very hard to make it the best we could do. It was my first time using '' Final Cut Pro'' and it was a great learning experience I look forward to producing more projects in Final Cut Pro. Chazz was very helpful to Michael and I since we didn't really know anything about how to do proper interview shots and three shot sequences. Overall our project turned out very well and we all hope to make more just like it.

our critique results were very good, we received  four 4's, twenty 3's, five 2's and zero 1's. i agree with these results because we did very well and turned it in on time but we did miss a couple of the expectations to make it a four. I am very thankful that everyone in my team tried there best and did a great job. I hope to make many more profile/news stories in the feature.

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